Maintenance Software

CIMCO CMMS the affordable Maintenance Management System, built using the experience of the CIMCO ERP Consulting team, CIMCO offers major enhancements to manage all maintenance activities.

Designed with simple to use screens all data is presented  logically making the system easy to understand. Enterprise functions, such as multiple  equipment and labor attachments, are also consolidated for ease of use. Not  only has navigation throughout the product been reduced by over 50% but also  many additional user-friendly controls have been added. Time savings are also  significantly realized in the creation, updating and closure of work orders  throughout the system.

The system has been designed for use in a wide range of  industries such as manufacturing, hotels, facility, hospitals, property, fleet maintenance etc., all of which face similar problems in Maintenance Management.

CIMCO-CMMS will help you improve productivity with a centralized  database, real time information, improved information and work tracking, and  reduced process time and costs.

Key benefits include:-

  • User Friendly  screen, easy to operate
  • User can switch screen between Thai and English and other language
  • All reports can  be sent as email with MS Out look
  • Increasing  productivity
  • Tracking and  Analysis of  maintenance efficiency
  • Follow up facility  fix order
  • Increases life-time  of your asset
  • Reduced  process time
  • Reduced  over all maintenance cost
  • Improve asset  management information
  • Tracking and  management of spare part  inventory
  • Tracking of  maintenance cost