Hotels and Property Management

Using CIMCO maintenance software for Hotels, property owners and managers have maintained properties while saving money and time.

Reduce Costs

This easy-to-use CMMS property management software keeps it simple – track properties and costs, improve operations, enhance asset and facility maintenance to help ensure exceptional customer service.

Resident Satisfaction

Keeping buildings, courtyards, recreational areas and rooms well-maintained is critical for customer service. It is also imperitive to be sure requests for services are handled promptly. From preventive maintenance on generators and regularly scheduled grounds maintenance to quick emergency repairs for plumbing issues, CIMCO will help you keep your properties in excellent condition.

Property Maintenance

Each customer will benefit from software that streamlines maintenance operations. CIMCO helps you accomplish this with automated work orders, preventive maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, inventory and cost control and multiple reports.

In addition to general maintenance—for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing—property managers often have issues related to mold, pests, internet and telecom.

  • Issue reports to regulatory agencies
  • Schedule frequent inspections of key properties
  • Provide property management services
  • Compare costs from geographically dispersed properties
  • Report on asset conditions in older facilities
  • Include system to multiple sites
  • Scale quickly as square footage escalates through acquisitions

Respond to Requests

CIMCO allow you to assign priorities to service requests and schedule them in the way that makes the most sense for your organization. When work requests are sent, requesters can check on the status of their work request at their convenience.

Manage Multiple Sites

CIMCO Maintenance helps you to organize your data and your maintenance operations so that you are able to manage multiple areas and sites in the most productive way. This property management software helps with issues related to your property areas and sites,

Generate Needed Reports

With CIMCO, you’ll be able to easily access the reports you need. The software includes standard reports covering properties, costs, assets, and more. Summary reports are helpful for property managers, while more detailed reports can help you make adjustments in procedures or scheduling to better utilize your maintenance resources.

Work Smarter

With CIMCO software, you can work more efficiently with work orders, inspections and inventory control.

  • Use timesheets for labor
  • Track keys and tools
  • Track assets and personnel visually
  • Catalog deferred maintenance needs
  • Assess facility conditions
  • Use data-enabled drawings for space planning
  • Use barcode-enabled handhelds