Manufacturing and Plant Management

Using Cimco CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), manufacturing and plant management professionals have benefited from extending asset life, increasing equipment readiness, and improving operations.

Meet Production Goals

Maximizing plant output and uptime, plus minimizing waste are critically important. Cimco CMMS is easy to use and enables managers to improve operations, increase productivity and optimize preventive maintenance to keep equipment working at capacity. Whether you are manufacturing continuous products or separate units, in one or more plants, you can use Cimco CMMS to:

  •  Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce overtime
  • Reduce inventory
  • Maximize uptime/availability
  • Meet lockout/tagout requirements
  • Track data for compliance requirements

Meet Plant-specific Needs

Cimco CMMS is a comprehensive software solution encompassing global best practices. Key features include automated and user input work orders, preventive maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, inventory and cost control and a full range of over 100 reports. While the standard comprises all modules found on CMMS world wide, as the author of Cimco CMMS, we can customize our solution to meet your specific needs.

Maximize Equipment Availability

To ensure equipment availability, you need to be able to respond quickly to requests for emergency repairs. With Cimco CMMS, you can identify the right labor and parts and immediately issue work orders detailing the repair needed. You can use the software to store data or integrate with tools enabling proper procedures for repairing equipment on the plant floor. These procedures may be internally required or government mandated.

Project Budgets Accurately

Detailed cost and time analysis reports, including total cost of ownership (TCO) for assets and parts, will give you the drill-down data you need to project more accurately budget needs. These reports will help you evaluate productivity and make adjustments to improve labor utilization. In addition, you can demonstrate extended asset life thanks to preventive maintenance and reduce emergency purchases and overtime costs.

Organize Data and Operations

In your plant, you may organize maintenance needs by department, floor or area. In addition to manufacturing equipment and assets, you may also be responsible for maintaining facilities, grounds, parking garages and plant-related support systems. For some companies, different plants are responsible for different products in the manufacturing process. In this case, maintenance costs and productivity are measured both plant-wide and enterprise-wide. With Cimco CMMS, you can customize the software to meet the needs of your organization, regardless the number of departments, the range of facilities or the number of plants.


With Cimco software, you can run top-level reports for supervisors or CFOs. For your own department, you can access multiple, detailed reports to help you optimize your maintenance management operations.

Make Well-informed Decisions

Cost-effective Cimco CMMS gives you the tools you need to control labor, contracted services, parts and asset maintenance costs. From pressure regulators to metal fabrication systems, you can use historical, current and projected costs to better manage the money spent on equipment maintenance.